S&S: Phoenix Studios – Hero Band Archetypes

Phoenix Studios has several videos on the subject. I’ll post the first video in the series and link to the rest of them. We start off with the Five Man Band:


Descrip: Today we’re talking about the most commonly used archetype when creating teams of fictional characters – the Five-Man Band! From classic cartoons to modern superhero media, I guarantee you anyone who has ever read or watched a story has seen this trope in action!

Examples show:

  1. The Leader – can be level-headed, mastermind, headstrong, charismatic, or a combo of these
  2. The Lancer – the opposite of the leader
  3. The Smart Guy – tinkerer, pairs up with the big guy
  4. The Big Guy
  5. The Chick / Heart
  6. The Sixth Ranger (optional, arrives later)


The Magnificent Seven

Descrip: In today’s video, we’re tackling another popular team archetype…the Magnificent Seven Samurai!

  1. The Leader
  2. The Lancer
  3. The Smart Guy
  4. The Big Guy
  5. The Mentor
  6. The Naive Newcomer
  7. The Comic Relief

The Flat Character can take the place of one of the less important seven.

The Magnificent Seven as plot device: (Beginning) Exposition, Conflict, (Middle) Rising Action, Climax, (End) Falling Action, Resolution


The Elite Four

Descrip: Welcome to the final episode in this series about writing team archetypes in fiction! In today’s lesson, we’re talking about the “Elite Four” archetype.

This one is more ambiguous than the rest. Basically, an elite four can be any combination of the previous archetypes who usually server a higher master, but one of the four can also be the mentor / leader.

Two additional videos in this series are found on a different channel. I’ll take a look at them in my next post.

Update: The other channel was bright enough to set their vids to Private. I guess I’ll go look for the info somewhere else.

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