Fantasy: Merphy Naiper – Creating Magic Systems

More on the ramifications / consequences of magic systems, and not overusing magic for characters to get out of tight spots.

Good comments:

I love it when the main character is new to magic and the author describes how they feel physically when using it. Like “a rush of energy flowed through her veins, her vision blurring slightly, and once the rush was over she was left light-headed.” Make the readers feel like they could understand what it would feel like to use the magic! I want to feel like I have an idea of what it’d feel like to be a part of these fantastic universes. – Laura Pinto

I like Soft Magic Systems mostly, my magic system in the novel I’m writing is divided into 5 types of magic, Elemental, Divine, Illusion, Abjuration, and a forbidden type Darkness. Here’s a breakdown:

Elemental Magic). Magic that has to do with Fire, Ice, Lightning, Energy and Earth, like shooting a fireball/sending torrents of flame at your foes, conjuring a sword made out of ice, sending forth a bolt of lightning, manipulating the earth around you, or blasting magical energy bolts at your foes.

Divine Magic). Magic that has to do with healing, destroying undead, or just sending a beam of sunlight or a blast of holy fire at your enimes.

Illusion Magic). Magic that has to do with mind control and making people see things that aren’t really there…nuff said

Abjuration Magic). Magic that has to do with protecting the caster or his/her friends and allies, like casting a magical shield

Dark Magic). Magic that has to do with raising the dead, summoning demons and blasting dark energy bolts at people or manipulating the shadows around you for easy transportation – Wolvesbayne 156

(I think I’m even more, ahem, anal retentive that this last person. I feel I have to know every spell and angle possible when it comes to forming a magic system, including creating a master list of stuff I’ve found in video games and RPGs and from all over the place. You’ll see some of this in a post I make in a couple of days. My BASIC fire mage has 2 paths and 8 spells, for example. Don’t even ask about the advanced version.)

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