Horror Short Film 1: Bloody Mary by IRIS

I am a little burned out on cyberpunk at the moment, so I am turning my attention to the theme of Halloween horror. I am having a look at the top viewed horror short films on Youtube, and I will use them for inspiration to write a short story.

The following short film has over 50 million views. The only similarly themed videos that have more views are from the Siren Head series. I watched the first Siren Head vid; it’s basically a giant, fleshy creature chasing a victim down, and doesn’t provide much in the way of story. As a result, I skipped down to the fourth video based on view count.

In short, I’m watching this, and I will write a short story of a few pages and post it. To keep things simple, my first short story will have the words Horror Short Story 1 in the title.


Descrip: Have you ever lit some candles and locked yourself in a bathroom? We all know the legend, but do we dare say her name three times? Find out if the myth is true in this short film “Bloody Mary.”

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…

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