The Big List: Fantasy Names For Your Cowboys

If you’re looking for cowboy names for your wild west story, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of 20 cowboy names that first appeared in the July 2019 issue of my e-zine Verum Et Inventa. They were created randomly on the site Fantasy Name Generators.

That’s just a sampling, because I’ve gone hunting around on the ‘net looking for even more wild west theme generators. I always like to have more than enough resources when I’m working on a story, so I’ve built the list up to 180 names, split right down the middle between cowboys and cowgirls. I’ve grouped these names by the generator used to create them, and put together a free PDF article that you can download at no charge from my writer’s website. That’s on the Freebies page at Raymond Towers Dot Com.

Use the generated names, or look up the generators and create your own. I even found one generator that uses actual Old West names from 1860 through 1890, for those of you that want the extra touch of realism for your characters. The whole point of this is to inspire that creative spark within you, to encourage you to use your imagination and write your own stories, even if you’re brand new to creative writing. And if you end up writing a story, I would love to post it here on this blog.

The Big List will be updated periodically with more writing resources. For now, here’s a starter set of names to get you thinking about gunslingers squaring off on the town’s main street, the wealthy tycoon making everyone’s life miserable, and the pretty saloon girl with the heart of gold.

Fantasy Names For Cowboys

Homer ‘Mystery’ Ortiz

Charley ‘Wild’ Sullivan

Curtis ‘Horse Whisperer’ Shannon

Gus ‘Sanguine’ Hurley

Marvin ‘Gun Slinger’ Gardner

Wilson ‘the Loner’ Branch

Daniel ‘Sunrise’ Callahan

Jose ‘Angel Eyes’ Dickerson

Lewis ‘Glory’ Newton

Simon ‘Demon Eyes’ Head

Fantasy Names For Cowgirls

Leona ‘Sundown’ Cain

Lois ‘Gore’ Turner

Agnes ‘Ace High’ Herring

Olga ‘Annex’ Hunt

Nancy ‘Vile Mouth’ Wiley

Margaret ‘Money’ Bauer

Frieda ‘the Mute’ McPherson

Rose ‘the Mortal’ Alston

Barbara ‘Granger’ Hendricks

Leila ‘Mudsill’ McCarthy

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