Verum Et Inventa Issue 06 is now available

*** This title was re-released recently and reformatted with Linux LibreOffice. ***

About this series: Verum Et Inventa is a free e-zine focusing on dark fantasy, horror and science fiction. We’re open to contributions from writers and readers who like substance and style over the blander mainstream norm. The editor will also provide controversy with articles and media reviews meant to incite the intellect of those open-minded enough to question traditional paradigms, social constructs and religious dogma. If you consider yourself Awake and enjoy a good story, why not download a copy today?

In issue No. 6, for July 2019: three more chapters from the modern fantasy novella Snatched Up, plus several short stories from the Variant Worlds 1 Collection. Preview 30 pages from the new medieval fantasy release Tales From The Savage Lands 6. Articles on My Recommendations For Writers, Sitchin’s Anunnaki Timeline and Before The Moon Existed, parts 1 and 2, and more! Rating: HIGH controversy.

*** The article Fantasy Cowboy Names will appear soon on this blog. It will begin a new and ongoing series aimed at inspiring authors to write! The article Sitchin’s Anunnaki Timeline will soon be posted my sister blog. The article Before The Moon Existed will also appear on my sister blog, at a later date because it is a nine part series that spans over several e-zine issues. That article will be released once all relevant issues are out. Link to the blog here. ***

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A paragraph or two from each of this issue’s stories:

Gazing At Stars (modern fantasy)

Salvador Diego had always enjoyed looking up at the stars. As a child, he was patient and relaxed, much wiser than his early years indicated, and fully able to resist the mindless monotony of the video games his brothers and sisters constantly played. Most of the boy’s family misunderstood his simple, yet absorbing preoccupation with the heavens, save for his grandfather, Miguel, who was something of an enigma himself.

Mijo, all of the answers to the universe are to be found in the stars.” Miguel commented to him one cool and breezy autumn night. “All one has to do is learn how to read them.”

“Yes, grandfather.” Salvador meekly replied.

A Crossroad Of Sorts (modern fantasy)

I stood there in the acrylic tub, staring up at the chrome showerhead and feeling the sharp needles of jet spray stinging callously into my neck and chest, all the while contemplating the dark subject of death. Thoughts of impending demise brought such typical reactions to most: cringing fear, uncontrollable shudders, a dire longing for completion of things left undone, or things left unsaid, and worst of all, an overwhelming desire to cling to whatever last vestiges of life still remained.

The frenzied pitter-pat of my heart reduced itself to a fading and infinitely more regular pat… pat… pat. But things like this were no longer going to bother me. I guess I was over death now.

Of course, it hadn’t always been this way.

Bastardlope Safari (modern fantasy)

I was in Nirvana.

My breaths entered and exited in long, controlled intervals, as if I were in a state of deep meditation. My mind was acutely focused, my body so at peace with itself that not even the brow-beating glare of the sun, or the sting of my own sweat running down my cheeks and back, drew me away from my intense concentration.

My finger tensed on the trigger; eagerly anticipating the three pounds of pressure required for the shot. My rifle shifted so slightly it was an almost imperceptible motion. I awaited my final instructions.

“Almost there…” Calamity Jack’s coarse voice whispered from maybe two feet away to my right. “Let him turn towards you. There, take your shot.”

Akanah Dodenliff And How It All Began (fantasy horror)

His name was Akanah Dodenliff. He was tall and lean and gaunt, having come from a world with little warmth or sustenance. Early on, his otherwise brown hair was changed through magic into a silvery white, to caution anyone who set eyes on him that he was the son of true witches. His given name was derived from Akann, the given name of his father. His last name was not a true surname, but reflected instead his dark vocation. In his language, Dod meant Death, and Liff meant Life. The conjoiner ‘en’ meant to be, or to become, as in to go from Death to Life through the manipulation of sorcery. Akanah was a necromancer.

Early on, his parents had seen that he was a gifted child, unlike his older sister who had no magic talents at all within her.

“She has none and you have twice as much!” His father chuckled darkly, when the two siblings were old enough to understand what magic was, and how it could gain them power.

“She could still gain some, once she comes of age.” His mother argued.

Akann huffed. “She is only at seven years. Who can wait that long? It would be a waste of time if her abilities only show themselves to be meager later.”

“But you won’t know until then, will you?” His mother asked. “Unless you can know the future.”

“I can.” Akann growled.

Akanah watched as his father picked his sister up and threw her into the fire pit. His young self knew terror as he heard her screams, as she burned on the flames that were already lit to warm up the large cooking pot. His father used his power to keep her from crawling out. Akanah smelled her flesh burning, and her hair.

“There.” His father said, when it was over. “Now you can keep your full attention on this one.”

The Knights Of The Red Lady (medieval fantasy)

An errand boy had been sent over with new demands. He stopped at the sentry shack, handed over his scrolled message, and hurried back across the bridge. The sentry on duty whistled to a nearby knight, as at least one was always on duty. The knight mounted his horse and took the message back to the fort, and this is where we find several of the modest ruling class of River Crossing convening.

“They want to establish a better foundation for the bridge.” Sir Herriot Cusson, or Herri for short, read the missive. “It will be made of larger blocks of stone than what exist there now. Krogary will pay half of its cost, while we pay the remaining half.”

Besides Cerny, the Red Lady, were two other capable knights who had come with her from northern Krogary, in addition to Herri. They were Iagar and Stramby, sons of wealthy nobles, and unlike Cerny and Herri, who had come from a more modest village. It could be argued that Cerny’s father, the richest man in his small village, was entitled to a certain level of nobility, enough to give his daughter the opportunity to train in a school of fighting arts, anyway. Also present were Sir Hoppe, or simply Hop for short, who was not a noble at all, but who had worked long and hard to gain his status, and his two wives, Bianchi the diviner, and Duza, the Nubian warrior.

Last but not least was the older tradesman Clessen, who had been the first man to set up shop at River Crossing. “”Surely they’ll inflate the cost on our side, seeing as how they wanted to charge us for the common rabble that swam across when the river was at its weakest last year.”

“The bridge isn’t even damaged.” Hop said, not understanding the message. “Why would it need repairs?”

Albert The Daemon (horror)

“I don’t understand why you’re keeping me alive.” Albert said. “Why can’t you just erase me?”

Several people were staring at Albert. Well, not exactly at him, but more at the Smart Phone Q his spirit was integrated with. He had no physical body or mind anymore. He only existed, really, while the phone device was turned on.

“We still need you.” A man from the small crowd leaned forward, as if his proximity gave him some sort of closeness. The man wore a black suit as always.

“No, you don’t need me.” Albert would have shaken his head if he still had one. “You already have everything you need! You wanted the frequencies attuned, and I got that for you! You wanted to suck consciousness out of people’s bodies, and now you can do that and my part in this unholy shit is finished!”

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