A Glossary To Speaking Forsooth Part 6


It’s always handy to know the sort of money your characters will be spending. Here is a list of what medieval coins were called in Medieval England.

Farthing – coin worth 1/4th of a penny

Ob – ha’penny, half penny


Tuppence – 2 pennies

Thruppence – 3 pennies

Groat – coin worth 4 pennies

Tester – coin worth 6 pennies

Shilling – coin worth 12 pennies

Stone – unit of 14 lbs of weight



Every so often, or perhaps simply often, your characters may feel the compulsion to utter some vile obscenities at others. Below are a few general usage terms for getting the point across in a rather crude manner. For added novelty, create new profane insults by combining these with other choice words from the Glossary.

Blue-Bottle Rogue, Filthy Famished Correctioner, Starved Bloodhound – used against constables

Boil, Plague Sore, Embossed Carbuncle – for anyone in general

By (Roman god) – used by men

By My Beard / Sword / Honor / Tools (such as hammer and tongs) – used by men

By My Chastity / Modesty / Maidenhead – used by women

Globe Of Sin Filled Continents – used against fat men (I love this one!)

God’s Death, God’s Teeth, God’s Wounds, God’s (anatomy part) – used by men

Lyingst Knave In Christendom – general usage

Whoreson Cullionly Barbermonger – general usage



A Brief Guide To Elizabethan English

Elizabethan English And Shakespearean Vocabulary

Elizabethan Language Lexicon by Pamela Duncan

Elizabethan Language Terms by Read Write Think dot org

See also:

Shakespeare’s Language by Raymond Hickey

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