A Glossary To Speaking Forsooth Part 5


Sack – white wine, probably cheap

Scold – noisy, arguing person

Score – twenty (four score and seven equals 87)

Scurvy – wretched

Several – separate, distinct

Shamefaced – ashamed

Shrew – mean, scolding woman, ill-tempered

Shrive, Shrift – religious confession

Shun That – ignore

Simpkin – simpleton

Sirrah – man, sir, boy, used when addressing someone under you in authority, also ‘oh, man!’

Sith – since

Slug-A-Bed – lazy, sleepy

Small beer – inferior beer, persons or matters of no importance

Smellfeast – parasite, mooched

Smite – strike, hit

Smith – metalworker

Sodiares – armed men in any group

Soft! – exclamation of surprise, ‘wait a minute!’

Solemnity – peacefulness, respectability

Solemnities – ritual celebrations (more formal than fun)

Somewhen – at an indefinite time

Sooth – truth

Soother – flatterer, yes-man

Sovereign – leader who answers to nobody

Sovereignty – independence, leader’s control, a person’s control over him / herself

Spado – eunuch

Spintry – male, homosexual prostitute

Starve lackey – miserly pretentious gallant

Steal, Steal Away – sneak out quickly, to hide

Steward – someone who fulfills an office which is rightfully the office of someone else who cannot do the job him / herself, such as an uncle overseeing the realm for an underage king

Sue – to make an appeal (the appeal is a suit)

Suitor – a man hoping to marry a certain woman

Swag – big, blustering man


Tapster – keeper of an ale house

Tarry – wait

Tassel – noble gentleman

Thick-eared – unwilling to listen

Thence – from there, from then on

Thine – yours

Thither – over there

Thou , Thee, Ye – you (informal, casual)

Thy – your

Tidings – news

To The Purpose – on topic, constructively, toward a goal

Tod – fox, crafty person

Tosspot – drunkard, alcoholic

Treble – triple

Trencherman – hearty eater

Trittle trattle – idle talk, gossip

Troth – truth, truly, also By Troth, By My Troth – truthfully (or a vow)

Tut – hmphf

Twain – two

Twigger – prolific breeder, lascivious person


Undone – ruined

Uglisome – ugly

Uttermost – farthest


Verily – truthfully, truly, indeed

Virtue – can refer to a woman’s virginity

Visage – face, appearance


Want – need, lack, to be without

Wanton – childish, playful, undisciplined, sexually unrestrained (especially women)

Wench – girl, young serving woman

Well met – hello

Whence – where, from where

Wherefore – why (NOT ‘where’), to what end

Whereto – to which

Whither – where, to where, to whatever place

Whoreson – son of a whore, also used against objects (Whoreson cup!)

Will – desire

Worthy – valuable person

Withal – in addition, all together, with

Woe – sadness, misery

Wont – used to, likely to

Woo – date, flirt with, seduce, win over

Wot – to know, learn, be told

Would That, I Would – if only, I wish

Wretch – miserable despicable person

Wrought – provided


Yaud – old, worn out mare, strumpet

Yaudson – son of a whore

Yea – yes

Yon, Yonder – over there

You – formal, for strangers

Your Part – your opinion, point of view, your sake


Zounds, ‘Swounds – I swear (literally ‘by His wounds’)


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