A Glossary To Speaking Forsooth Part 4


Maiden, Maid – young girl, specifically a virgin

Maidenhead – virginity (to protect one’s virginity)

Make-peace – a peace maker

Malapert – rude, impudent

Malmsey – a strong sweet wine

Many Thanks, I Thank Thee – thank you

Mark – pay attention

Marry – indeed, literally ‘by Mary’ or ‘by the Virgin Mary’

Mayhap – maybe or could be

Meet – proper, fitting

Meetly – fairly good

Melancholy – depressed

Mercer – dealer in textiles

Mercy, I Cry You Mercy – excuse me

Mere, Merely – absolute, completely

Merry – happy, festive, pleasant, funny

Meschant – wicked, wretched, a wretch, a villain

Methinks – I think

Milky – timid, weak

Minimus – tiny or insignificant creature

Mirth – fun, merriment

Mislike – dislike, aversion

Monger – peddler, dealer

Moonling – simpleton

Mountebank – itinerant quack

Mousehunt – woman chaser, a wolf

Mumblecrust – toothless person, beggar

Mumble-news – tale bearer, gossip

Mystery – secret, craft, skill


Narrow-prying – closely watching

Nary – not a single one

Naught, also Nought – nothing

Naughty – wicked, worthless

Nay – no

Neighbored – closely associated

Ne’r – never

New – recently, lately

Nonpariel – a beauty


Office – job, responsibility

Oft – often

Onion-eyed – tearful, weepy

Ope – open

Ort – scrap of food

Otherwhere – elsewhere

Out, Out Upon – exclamation of frustration

Outbrag – exceed in virtue

Outbrave – surpass in valor, bravery

Outfacing – bold, swaggering

Outsleep – sleep past a time

Outsport – revel more than another

Owe – own


Parnel – priest’s mistress, wanton woman

Partlet – hen, a woman

Past-proportion – beyond measure

Patch – fool, dolt

Pate – head, especially the top

Pathetical – pathetic, moving

Peagoos – simpleton, ninny

Pennyworth – small amount

Perchance, also Belike – maybe, possibly

Perdition – hell, by the fire of hell

Perdy – indeed, for sure

Perforce – by necessity or force

Pernicious – harmful, deceitful

Physic – medicine, cure

Piepowder – itinerant or traveling peddler

Pigeon-livered – meek, gentle

Pillicock – man’s private parts

Pissing-while – a very short time

Pitchy – very dark

Pizzle – penis of an animal, ‘thou bull’s pizzle!’

Plague – curse

Ploughman – farmer

Plumpy – plump

Poesy – poetry, a poem

Popinjay – one who dresses gaudy, flashy, a fop

Prate – babble, chatter

Prating – babbling, talking too much

Pray – please, ‘pray pardon,’ beg

Presently – soon

Princox – saucy, pert boy

Prithee, I Pray Thee, If It Please Thee – please, I ask you

Prove, also Prive – test, show to be true

Privy – toilet, water closet, see also Ajax, to be informed

Punk – prostitute, harlot

Purse – man’s small bag for coins, a person’s finances


Quaffing – drinking alcohol in a chugging fashion

Quick – living, alive

Quicken – make alive, make lively


Ragman – devil

Recreant – coward, traitor

Resolve – plan

Rogue – dishonest rascal

Roister – revel wildly

Rude – not eloquent

Rudesby, also Rudesbay – rude, insolent person

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