A Glossary To Speaking Forsooth Part 3


Gaffer – old man, grandfather

Gammer, old woman, grandmother

Gage – challenge (such as throwing down a gauntlet)

Gentle – noun: honorable person, noble-born

Giglot – wanton woman, or unusually destitute man

Gixy – lively lass, or wench

Glass – mirror

Gned – miserly

Go To! – get out of here, screw you (exclamation)

Goatish – lustful, lascivious

God Save Thee, God Keep Thee – goodbye (farewell)

Good Day, Good Morrow, Well Met, How Now, God Give You A Good Day – hello (greeting, salutation)

Good-faced – pretty, handsome

Gor-bellied – fat paunch

Gossip – good friend

Grammercy – thank you

Great-bellied – very pregnant

Grief-shot – stricken with sorrow

Grimalkin – cat

Gripe – grasp painfully

Groom – male servant

Grounding – uncultured person

Growtnoll – blockhead

Gruntle – snout of a pig, or a person’s face, disrespectfully

Guile – charm in order to deceive, trickiness

Gull – dupe, fool


Had As Lief – I would rather

Hag-seed – hag’s offspring

Halloo – shout, holler

Hap, Good Hap – good luck, good fortune

Haply – perhaps, by chance

Harbinger – foreshadowing, precursor

Hark, Hark Now – listen

Harlot – rogue, rascal, knave (male or female)

Haskard – man of low degree

Haste – hurry

Haviour – behavior, manner

Headbourough – parish constable

Hearken – listen, seek

Heavy – sad, depressed

Hedge-born – of low birth

Hedge-priest – illiterate priest, contemptuous

Heigh-ho – joyful exclamation

Helding – useless man

Hence – place: away from here, time: after this

Here-approach – arrival

Hie – go quickly, hurry (an order)

Hindermate – spouse who is a hindrance

His Due – what is coming to him

History – tale, story

Hither – here

Hitherto – so far, out to here

Ho! – call to attention, usually by an authority

Hodge-pudding – made from many things

Holar – fornicator

Honest – truthful, loyal, trustworthy, faithful in marriage

Humour – mood, frame of mind (he’s in good humor, bad humor)

Hurly-burly – commotion, tumult


I shall see thee anon – goodbye

Idle-headed – silly, crazy

Impiteous – pitiless

Indrenched – immersed, drowned

Infectious – diseased

Infirmity – illness, disease

Iron-witted – harsh, unfeeling

Issue – offspring, children, outcome, product

It Is Meet, It Is Not Meet – it is proper, it is not proper or expected

It Will Serve – it will do, it is good enough

Iwis – truly, certainly


Jack-an-apes – ape-ish person

Jakes – privy, toilet

Jarvel – rascal

Jest – joke, prank

Justice – judge


Kayleigh – (noun) party

Kicksy wicky – wife, lower class slang

Killcow – swashbuckler, person who thinks he’s important

Kin, Kinsman – relative, family member

Knave – scoundrel, jerk (toward a young male), lowly male servant

Knavery – fooling around, roguish trickery (what knaves would do), foolish ornamentation

Knotty-pated – thick-headed


Laborsome – laborious, elaborate

Lading – cargo

Lag-end – latter part

Land-damn – berate sharply

Lavendar – washerwoman

Lean-witted – poor in intellect

Leaping House – brothel

Leechcraft – the art of healing

Lenten – scanty, meager

Lest – unless, otherwise, in case of

Liege, My Liege – king, master, lord

Lightskirt – woman of easy virtue

Like To (go, die, etc.) – likely to go, die, etc.

Likeness – resemblance

Look To – watch, keep an eye on, take care of

Love – romantic, family, friendship or loyalty

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