Verum Et Inventa Issue 05 is now available

*** This title was re-released recently and reformatted with Linux LibreOffice. ***

About this series: Verum Et Inventa is a free e-zine focusing on dark fantasy, horror and science fiction. We’re open to contributions from writers and readers who like substance and style over the blander mainstream norm. The editor will also provide controversy with articles and media reviews meant to incite the intellect of those open-minded enough to question traditional paradigms, social constructs and religious dogma. If you consider yourself Awake and enjoy a good story, why not download a copy today?

In issue No. 5, for June 2019: The first three chapters of the modern fantasy novella Snatched Up! The second featured story is the fifty page novella Dead Man’s Lottery, a near-future story inspired by the writing of Philip K. Dick. Articles include the full Glossary On Speaking Forsooth for writers, and for all you Truthers out there, Israel, A Terrorist Nation. Rating: HIGH controversy.

*** The article A Glossary On Speaking Forsooth will soon be posted on this blog. A second article, Israel, A Terrorist Nation, will be posted on the sister blog Verum Et Inventa. Link to the blog here. ***

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A paragraph or two from each of this issue’s stories:

Snatched Up! (science fantasy)

Jesse Contreras glanced at his cell phone, which he’d been having trouble charging as of late. He lifted its dim display up to eye level to place it closer to the amber gloom of the wall-mounted lights. Once he realized what time it was, Jesse dropped his arms in frustration and stared out at the sparse quantity of vehicles sitting in the parking lot. 9:35 pm meant he still had almost an hour and a half to go. Judging by the ratio of customer cars compared to employee cars, he knew the rest of his shift was going to crawl by like molasses.

That he hated working at the Do It Yourself Warehouse was a given, since the twenty-five year old wasn’t making much more than minimum wage. The fact that he was working on a warm Saturday night was especially irritating. To make matters even worse, this particular store was in a bad part of San Diego, where the avoidance of illegal aliens, vagrants and gang members was part of the job description.

Jesse should have been out partying. One of his buddies had chosen that specific night to have a Hookah get-together. Although Jesse didn’t actively partake in smoking either tobacco or marijuana, he did know such parties were always fully stocked with alcohol. To make matters worse, he’d called his buddy just a few minutes earlier and been informed that there were quite a few females in attendance.

“Man, how lame can this get?” He complained to no one in particular.

Dead Man’s Lottery (science fiction, near future)

All Philip Decker wanted to do was score some weed. He’d been walking around the dead streets of downtown Los Angeles for about an hour by then, but since it was nearing nine o’clock that night, all he was coming to were closed dispensary shops. Thanks the bands of hoodlums that kept raiding those places once the sun came down, the normally busy venues were closing up way too early, instead of staying open until ten or eleven like they were supposed to.

Through their brightly lit storefronts, Phil saw secured shelves zealously guarding what he wanted, in packs or pouches with a million zany names for the synthetic blends. Or more accurately said; Phil was staring at what he could afford to buy with his meager twenty bucks. He sighed, rapping on the window lightly and uselessly as he stared past the black iron bars and thick pane of glass, before he moseyed on in search of another, hopefully open dispensary.

Earth Fairy (modern fantasy)

Keith was there, on the ground, on the day that all hell broke loose in Venezuela. He shouldn’t have been there, as only the diplomats from the United States were allowed to stay, safe and sound, purportedly, in his country’s embassy. He should have been back in Los Angeles, watching the dramatic events play out on a screen, instead of being in the thick of it, up to his eyeballs in bullets and dead bodies.

“That last plane…” He regretted. “I should have been on it.”

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