Cyberpunk Challenge: Augmented Reality Part 1

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Cyberpunk Challenge: Augmented Reality RPG Adventure Builder

Additional details on what is going on here can be found on / Freebies / Cyberpunk. And really, what is going on here?


Cyberpunk Challenge: Nightfish Continued

Augmented Reality Dice Rolls

The last we heard of Sohl, he was severely injured and captured by unknown parties. Before I take up the story, I’d like to start rolling some dice and seeing what juicy results I can get from Paul Gallagher’s Augmented Reality scenario builder. Sohl is about to be indoctrinated in the strange and often brutal ways of Triumph City. I have some ideas in mind for that already, but what comes next, after Sohl is pulled away from his natural environment and introduced into a ‘civilized’ modern society?

I’ll be using random dice rollers for this, from the site:

Update: The novel They Call Him Nightfish has been completed at this point, or at least the first novel in the series. I had so many other projects going on (Detective Varriano, The Throwback, plus re-editing everything I’ve ever written!) that I’m only now getting around to preparing this How To project. I did previously go through the entire Augmented Reality guide and came up with a plethora of possibilities, to combine with details from the Write This article that includes all the cyberpunk idea generators I could get my hands on.

That doesn’t mean I’m finished! So far, Sohl has been limited to one specific neighborhood in the much larger Triumph City, and in that neighborhood, most of the action has taken place on a stretch of only a few city blocks. Naturally, I need more real estate to work with!

The Augmented Reality series will present the city-building results that I have already implemented into the Nightfish story, and on top of that I will roll for additional details, if I think I need them, for the Nightfish sequel. That’s the plan!

But first, and something always has to come first because that’s a given, I need more cyberpunk names. I have over two pages of them in the Write This article, Version 2. I didn’t use all of them, because some of the styles didn’t fit with the story, such as the hacker handles, but I used enough names from some categories that I was running short. Below is a list of extra names I generated on August 10, 2021. These names and the Aug. Reality dice roll results will be included in the next edition of the Write This article book, whenever I get around to updating it. (Note: I will create a grid for these names in the PDF. WordPress, and Smashwords for that matter, don’t do well with tables and graphs and such.)

Generator: donjon/sci-fi name generator/cyberpunk

male names

Paris Warwick, Trenton Gammon, Alex Nicolau, Newton Konicek ,Nicol Llewellyn, Camden Holtz, Finlay Weyer, Dalton Kehoe, Yves Wescott, Jareth Lavanchy

more male names

Jaeger Armiger, Yves Ocano, Austin Jaenke, Issac Kampf, Scotty Forgrave, Austin Bucanan, Lars Kerensky, Fox Grippen, Jet Byrn, Wayne Arleth

female names

Madalyn Iavarone, Kona Nylund, Neomi Hammacher, Cayla Paulsen, Megara Moneaux, Karina Lockley, Heather Veillon, Bryana Rhyne, Chelsea Sanghvi, Isis Vasser

more female names

Elsa Zahra, Kona Veillon, Jala Wildner, Romana Verrill, Talulah Flanigan, Camden Maille, Avril Cantos, Megara Bancroft, Iolan the Breton, Thalia Nesheim

Generator: Sci fi ideas/cyberpunk name generator

mix of male and female names

Laura Cabledatter, Perl Walksock, Rosetta Iron, Elsa Wire Warrior, Ning Gitson, Lara Phillips, Andromeda Shima, Kai Spark, Paradox Tomm, Chip Key, Daemon Brough, Avalon Clusterface, Blade Logic, Bingwen Hacker, Chang-chang Daban, Radian Bolten

more male and female names

Jago Coil, Bo Pocket, Organia Smithworm, Lan Pedex, Gamma Portlet, Crypto Copper, Verizon Spaban, Alpha Nagle, Betty Shocker, Ava Caden, Kala Circuitmacer, Code Nine, Clare Yurton, Ang Wcaster, Chassis Neo, Cookie Torrent

While we’re on the subject of names, I needed a bunch of street names right away. I did not want to dig into my generated cyberpunk names for this, because I need those names for the characters in my story. So, how did I come up with street names? I live in San Diego, and I noticed how our downtown area, on the northern side, has streets named after trees, starting with the letter A for Ash, B for Beech, etcetera. That takes care of one half of the dilemma.

For a few years, I lived in a rural community out near the desert, between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Three small towns stretched out along the 10 Highway: Beaumont, where I lived, plus Banning and Cabazon. I had the idea to look the towns up on Google, and while searching I found a couple of real estate maps for Banning that I thought would work. I took the names from the maps, jumbled them up, and used dice rolls to pick them out one at a time.

Bear in mind that this is for one neighborhood in my created city of Triumph. The ‘hood is called Nogara Heights. It was built later than most of the ‘hoods in Triumph, which means as property values went up in the center of the city, people with lower incomes kept getting pushed out to the edges. As a result, Nogara is a bad part of town, generally. (My post Cyberpunk Challenge: Nightfish Part 14 goes into the details of how I named my neighborhoods.)

City planners laid out a street grid as people relocated into Nogara, starting with the point furthest to the northeast. The tree-named streets start at Nogara’s eastern edge and travel north to south, moving west until reaching the next neighborhood, Neo Celiset. Street names are:

Ash, Beech, Cedar, Elm, Fir, Grape, Hawthorn, Ivy, Juniper, Lemon

I just realized I forgot Date, but I won’t be able to use that now because of how I placed my structures and mapping. Don’t you hate when that happens? Despite this, my vertical or latitude Streets are done. Now for my horizontal or longitude Avenues, that were based on slightly modified names from the streets of Banning, California.

Elle, Tessan, Iona, Eckert, Farrell, Kaylene, Menhart, Theroux, Lavonne, Shelly, Ciro and Nabb

I was going for a largely conservative group of names, from streets that could be found in any part of the U.S. I may try to create a neighborhood map of Nogara and post it later, if I can make a decent map using GIMP, which I’m not too familiar with. Anyway, I have more personal names I can use, and a good stretch of ten, twelve blocks, my Streets and Avenues, for my characters to roam around with. In my next post, I will begin populating the map with businesses and industries.

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