A Terrible Thing To Waste – horror novel now available

My horror novel was recently re-edited. It’s available for $4.99 through Smashwords. Read 20% of this collection free as a way to try before you buy.

About this title: Two black kids in the ghetto, making the hard transition from boyhood to manhood. It is bad enough that they’ve got the usual problems to deal with: poverty, crime, drugs, gangs. But there’s something else out there. Something sinister is stalking these two boys, drawing them closer and closer to its black web… something that might be trying to kill them both. Rating: MEDIUM controversy.

*** This novel was inspired by true events. ***

Visit this title’s page on Smashwords.

This novel’s cover blurbs:

The Younger Boys

The rough and impoverished streets of Southeast San Diego, a district where crime and violence are a mere arm’s length away, a neighborhood where drug abuse and gang activity run rampant, a place with little opportunity for hope.

Enter Sammy Jones and his best friend Eric Sanders, a.k.a. EZ, two kids fresh out of elementary school who are at the cusp of an abrupt and final transition into adolescence. Follow their animated and sometimes comical escapades as they venture to draw out the twilight of their innocence, their harrowing experiences as they seek out approval and recognition from the older clique of homeboys, led by EZ’s own brother, Junebug, and lastly…

Something sinister lurks in the neighborhood’s sewers, continually drawing the boys and attempting to ensnare them in its mysterious and powerful clutches. Spellbound, the two youngsters are swept into an ever-tightening whirlpool of death, stirred by an evil force that threatens to shatter the bond of their friendship, and that seeks to destroy their very lives.

Two boys, struggling to become young men, facing an unimaginable adversary they have no hope to overcome…

The Older Boys

The brooding thug, known on the streets as Junebug, grimaced when he saw the two kids round the corner of the apartment building. He glanced over at the tall and muscular youth standing beside him.

“Here come them brats, June’.” James frowned also, his red ball cap hung low over his eyes.

It was only his younger brother EZ, and that chubby little punk Sammy. Nevertheless, Junebug felt the anger building up inside of him. They were always coming around when nobody asked them to, always trying to hang with Junebug and the other homeboys. “I thought I told them two to stay inside.”

“Well, it looks like they didn’t hear you all that good.” James teased back.

Already, the pair of snot-nosed punks were tossing their stupid football back and forth, each catch bringing them a couple of steps closer to where the older boys were smoking out. “I should go and slap the both of them upside the head. Maybe that’ll clear their ears up some.”

Barely out of elementary school and the two boys thought they could come and go as they pleased, Junebug considered. One of these days, he knew, they’d push him too far. And like he did to anyone else that got in his way, Junebug was ready to lash out and teach them a lesson they wouldn’t never forget.

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