The Throwback – sci-fi stories now available

*** The stories in this collection were released previously, as separate novellas at Drive Thru RPG. You can still get the original novellas at Drive Thru as Pay What You Want titles. The collection described below is available at Smashwords, priced at $2.99. ***

About this title: M.E. Nottle is a throwback to an earlier age, when men had the guts to speak their mind and stand up for their beliefs. Unfortunately, cancer almost took him. He went into cryo for a century. When he opened his eyes again, his disease was gone but his life was no longer his. His job: to go into dangerous places and die, in a universe nothing like the one he left behind. Rating: HIGH controversy.

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The first paragraph or two from each of the three novellas:

Episode 1: The L.R.S.

“And here he is, cavaliers, the man, the myth, the Nottle!”

Nottle frowned. He was going to be the curiosity again, the freak everyone came to look at to remind themselves of just how badly things could go wrong when the worst politicians came into power… for an entire century.

Physically, Nottle wasn’t too bad. He was tall and thin, not quite gangly because he always took his vitamin supplements and worked out, back when he was a real human being. His hair was, he thought, beautiful, with its golden-blonde hue, cut short nowadays thanks to his military (forced) occupation, but he could still remember a time when it was longer, when he’d surfed the waves on California’s warm beaches, waves that during his original lifetime had become so polluted the water stung at his skin and caused unsightly rashes. Nottle had small, green eyes and he was permanently incarnated in his mid-thirties, what should have been the prime of his life had his life not been disrupted over a century ago.

Episode 2: The U.E.S. Canberra

Sentry Austim was a unique individual. He was a special kind of Non-Natural Birth, tri-racial with near-perfect DNA that was equal parts African Negroid, Asian Mongoloid and Russian Caucasian. At thirty years of age, intelligent, healthy and physically fit, Austim could look forward to another twenty years of outstanding civil service before his cell programming began to deteriorate. That was fine, since he would gladly step into a Re-In tube and allow his aging body to be disassembled, if it meant he would be regenerated either as his current self, or in an improved version with a new identity. Austim was created to serve, and he did that to the utmost of his ability.

Unfortunately, Austim’s job wasn’t as exciting as he would have liked it to be. His present post was to watch over millions of data pools, the life histories of important people who were no longer living, from as far back as a century ago. While on duty, Austim was allowed to keep up with his social media accounts and play video games, but it wasn’t enough to prevent boredom from seeping in. Watching the archive computers for twelve hours a day took its toll.

“Time, please.” He asked out loud.

“At the sound of the tone, it will be eleven-twenty-six. Beep.”

Episode 3: The M.S. Paulides

“Space is like a set of jumper cables.” Nottle mused out loud.

He was sitting on the ledge of one of the Sunbird’s large oval windows, looking out at a great, big, murky nothingness. The ship had four viewing areas in total, each with a ledge wide enough to sleep on. In truth, Nottle would have enjoyed taking a nap there, except he usually wasn’t around long enough to partake in such pleasures.

The other members of the Sunbird, such as the mercenaries Brantom and Kold, normally took the sight for granted. Ever since they were adolescents, they’d been trained for space duty on Earth or one of its’ many colonies. They could probably sleep while in a space suit, tied to a tether hanging on the back of the ship, on a good day.

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