Cyberpunk Challenge: Menoko Boi 15

In another time, on another world, Rickard Varriano and Hunter Racine, a female Hunter Racine this time, walked through a giant, virtual aquarium and gaped in astonishment at dozens upon dozens of fantastical creatures that had never existed in reality. On all sides and even under the couple, the amazing animals floated or fluttered, swam or propelled themselves along, but thankfully they never fought because they were designed to be friendly. The aquarium was designed by EFH; their company logo was plastered all over the place.

“Holy cow!” Racine pointed. “That one is all spikes! And look at that one! Its teeth are on the outside! How the hell is it supposed to eat?”

“I’d hate to run into one of those in a dark alley!” Varriano quipped.

“No shit!”

Varriano glanced at Racine, at the same time she looked over at him. He felt like hugging her, so he did. “Thanks, thanks for being a chick. I just want you to know that I would be just as happy if you’d come as a guy.”

“You just want to stare at my titties.” She smiled.

Varriano drew a deep breath. Racine had black hair cut in a bob, clear blue eyes and a nice set of oranges on her chest. She was dressed like a cheerleader to top it all off. “You got that right! Just kidding. I want to stare at you no matter what you look like.”

“I thought for sure you were going to send me home and hump the sex doll.” She said.

“Oh, come on! I only got the sex doll as part of my investigation. You saw how quickly I got rid of that thing!”

“Yeah, because she tried to kill you, twice even. You’re lucky I saved your life!”

“I am lucky, lucky from the day I met you. Listen, stop making like I’m going to kick you to the curb at any moment. I’m not going to do that.”

“The truth is that my relationships don’t last very long.” Racine admitted. “I know it doesn’t look like it, but I can be tough if I have to be. A lot of people expect me to be tough all the time. You’re the first man or woman I met who lets me be girly. I’m a girly-man!”

“I know you’re tough because you wouldn’t have made lieutenant detective if you weren’t.”

Racine lowered her voice. “The reason I act like you’re going to leave me soon is because a lot of women dump me for no reason. I’m kind of bracing myself for that.”

“What makes you think… Look, I’ve never had a stalker before. I kind of like that, how you sit in your car and watch my apartment when I don’t know you’re out there. I like that you look into my phone when I leave it on the table. Nobody’s ever done that to me before.”

“You know about the phone thing?” She asked. “I can’t get into all of it because it’s bio-metric. I just want to make sure you’re not calling ten other lovers when I’m not around.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m not calling anybody.”

“Not even me?”

“You know what I’m trying to say!” He looked through the crowd. “Hey, you see that guy in the white shirt? That’s him.”

“Really?” Racine perked up. “Let me go say hi!”

Before Varriano could say another word, Racine ran off.

She bumped into the young man so hard she almost knocked him over, but luckily she already had her arms around him to prevent his fall.

“Hi!” She smiled. “I’m Hunter, but you can call me H. You must be Desmond!”

“I’m sorry.” The young man replied. “I don’t know who you are.”

“I’m your date that just jumped into your lap!”

Desmond looked to his side. “I have a girlfriend. She’s right here.”

Racine noticed the young Asian woman standing nearby. “Hi! You must be Kathy! Can I hug you too?” She went to embrace the woman the same way. “My boyfriend said you two need hugs and I’m here to be your teddy bear!”

“Your boyfriend?” Desmond asked, spotting Varriano. “Kathy, Kathy, look! That is the detective who made love to me!”

The Asian woman had a look at him.

It was Varriano’s turn to be confused. “Desmond, I thought you said Kathy was like nine years old?”

“She was.” Desmond nodded. “Her parents relented and allowed her to be age-progressed to age eighteen. Now she can date me and people won’t look at us weird.”

“That’s wonderful!” Varriano grinned. “Congratulations to both of you.”

“Ditto to that!” Racine said. “Listen, Desmond and Kathy. In real life, I was a woman who became a man. That means I have way more perspective than my boyfriend does. It also means I’m here for both of you. All we need is a really big bed!”

“Rickard, your girlfriend is exciting me.” Desmond said.

“She is exciting me too.” Kathy nodded.

“That’s the reason I brought her along.” Varriano replied.

“Point me to the nearest privacy.” Racine told the digital couple.

“Well, Kathy and I were thinking about riding the Moby Whale.” Desmond admitted. “We can ride on its back or in its mouth. It is a ride for lovers.”

“We’ve never been on a lovers’ ride before.” Kathy added.

“Let’s go find out if it seats four!” Racine took one arm each and began leading the couple away. “Come on, honey! You’d better keep up if you want to score!”

Varriano followed with a big grin on his face. Virtual world or not, he was having the most fun he’d had in years.


This post concludes Menoko Boi, the second story arc in the Detective Varriano series. The first story arc is titled Cyberpunk Challenge: Detective Rickard Varriano. In case you missed it, you can use the search engine and backtrack to Part 1.

Remember that this is part of the Cyberpunk Challenge, where I put together nearly 40 pages of ideas from many cyberpunk random generators from all over the ‘net. The challenge is for you to take those ideas, create a story out of them, and send them to me so I can post them on this blog. See my original post here:

Write This! Cyberpunk Challenge

I’ve also put together the Story Archive, which has over 50 pages of story and story ideas written by myself or sent in by contributors. I will soon be adding the Menoko Boi story to the Archive, so expect an update soon. See this post for the current version:

Cyberpunk Challenge Story Archive

In keeping with the spirit of the Cyberpunk Challenge, I have a brand new story that I will begin posting right around the first of August. This will likely end up being a full novel, and it will use details from the first Write This idea book as well as specific details generated with the help of a cyberpunk scenario-building book I found on Drive Thru RPG. You can find info on how to acquire this Pay What You Want title on this post:

Cyberpunk Challenge: Augmented Reality RPG Adventure Builder

The title of my new project…. They Call Him Nightfish. That’s all I’m saying for now. Part 1 will be posted in about a week!

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