Cyberpunk Challenge: Menoko Boi 9

Ten minutes into the movie, and since it was dark, Varriano felt comfortable enough to set his arm around Racine’s shoulders.

“I knew you’d come around.” Racine flirted.

“Do you know anything about meditation?” Varriano inquired.

“No, not really.”

“I feel really comfortable around you.” He admitted. “I feel like your aura is female and feminine.”

“Well, I feel like you’re masculine and you want to protect me.”

“You could say that. You wouldn’t be wrong.”

A quarter of the way through the movie, Racine whispered, “I have to tell you something.”

“Sure. Let me have it.”

“Stop teasing me!” Racine giggled.

“I meant…”

“I know what you meant. I just want you to know that I have a hard-on for that actress in the movie. What’s her name?”

“Linda Hamilton. You have a hard-on for her?”

“Sure I do! She looks so cute with her feathered hair, and her caught in the headlights look she keeps making. You just know she’s going to get freaky with the guy from future. That’s my kind of chick!”

“Yeah, mine too, now that you mention it. Are you telling me that you’re a sensitive guy that goes for sensitive chicks?”

“A lot of women naturally gravitate to me. I think they feel the same thing you do when I’m around. I’m only mentioning my erection in case you accidentally put your hand on my lap later and touch my chubby.”

“Uh, thanks for the heads-up, I think.”

Halfway through the movie, Varriano ran out of popcorn. His mouth wanted to keep on moving, so he turned and tried to kiss Racine.

“Why now?” Racine asked. “There’s an action scene going on!”

“Oh, sorry.”

When the Terminator was done tearing up the police station, Racine leaned over and started kissing Varriano all on his own. Varriano was afraid to touch the man’s body, because then he’d break the sweet illusion that he was making out with a chick for the first time in five years.

“I have to tell you something else.” Racine said, breathlessly.

“What now?”

“My back door thinks it’s a front door.”

“Excuse me?”

“When I went through surgery to become a man, I thought, why not get an upgrade while I’m at it? On the front, I have the frank and beans, but in back, I have a nice warm donut. It acts just like a woman’s genitals would act.”

“You have a vagina in the back?”

“Not so loud!” Racine giggled. “It doesn’t look like that, but it acts like one when a man comes knocking at the door. You’re going to find out later what I mean.”

Varriano’s first impulse was to refuse, but his unvoiced objection went out the window when Racine’s lips started sliding over his cheek again.

They didn’t make it to the start of the second movie. By that time, Varriano and his date were all over each other so much that people were shouting for them to keep it down. He took Racine outside, they found the car, and they hurried to his place.

Just as they were about to trot up the stairs to his apartment, Varriano spotted the large wooden box standing next to the building. An unconscious man was lying next to the box.

“Maybe you were right.” Racine went to check on the fallen man. “This guy’s been electro-shocked! Your sex doll tried to kill him!”

“Look over here.” Varriano pointed behind the box. “The guy brought his tools with him. I think he was trying to break into the container and it activated some kind of security measure to stop him.” With a little hesitation, he knocked on the wood. “The doll is supposed to recognize my ID chip. Since I don’t have one, I’m using the ID holo on my phone. I hope this works.”

It did. The box opened from the inside, using hidden hinges. Racine had to pull the fallen man out of the way when the swinging door bumped into him. The doll that, generally speaking, looked like Racine, but prettier and bustier, stepped out.

“System Commander.” The sex doll greeted him. “Will you give me a name?”

“System commander?” Racine asked.

“It’s a password I made up.” Varriano shrugged. “I’m supposed to use it whenever I upgrade the software. What should I name this thing?”

“Raychel. Raychel with an R-A-Y.”

“Raychel? Why Raychel?”

“That was my birth name. I was born Raychel Hunt. I changed my name to Hunter Racine when I had my life-change done.”

“Raychel, huh?” Varriano considered. “That’s the name of the synthetic chick in the first, and best, Blade Runner movie. Yeah, I can go for that.”

“Is that movie as good as the one we watched tonight?”

“Oh, baby. They’re both classics, but you have got to see Blade Runner.” He looked straight at the sex doll. “I’m supposed to speak directly to it. Your name is Raychel.”

“My name is Raychel.” The doll repeated. “Rickard, would you like to watch the first of the instructional videos on holo right now?”

“Not right now. We’re, uh, outside, and it’s late. Follow H and me up the stairs. We’ll take care of the videos in the morning.” He looked at Racine. “I wonder what I’m supposed to do about the box?”

Raychel answered the question. “The shipping container will be picked up when all ten holo-vids have been watched, and when you agree to the terms and conditions found in the End User License Agreement.”

“Good to know.” Varriano said, making a mental note for when he got back to his investigation.

“What do we do about this guy?” Racine pointed at the unconscious man.

“Shock paralysis will wear off in two more hours.” Raychel said.

Racine went to pick up the man’s equipment.

“What are you doing?” Varriano asked.

“I’m keeping his tools.” Racine answered. “I just mind-scanned his ID. He’s been caught stealing at three different places. This man is lucky we don’t shut him inside the box and keep him there until morning.”

The apartment had two built-in furniture modules that could do double duty. One was a couch that stretched out to become a single or double bed, like a futon. On this night, Varriano pulled the bed out wide enough for two. The other module was a padded bench that went with the pull-out wall table. That’s where Raychel slept because she was built to simulate sleep. Both modules were covered over with six inches of extra comfy memory foam. The bad thing was that having the two beds out at the same time crowded up the apartment’s walking space. It was the first time Varriano had two people over at once in the whole time he’d lived there. At least he had extra pillows and blankets in his long closet storage.

The night was good, better than expected. Racine sounded and felt like a woman. Even when Racine’s wig came off in the dark, and he became nervous that he’d ruined the moment for both of them, Varriano felt no awkwardness at all. He just went with the flow.

To be continued.

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