Two Bedroom Cottage – horror novella now available

My horror novella was recently re-edited. It’s available for $.99 through Smashwords. Read 20% of this novella free as a way to try before you buy.

About this title: You’ve heard of the Amityville Horror and the Bell Witch Haunting. You might think that true, demonic ghost stories like those are things of the past, or things you only see in movies, but you’d be wrong. Here is the story of the worst Haunting I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life, when the house I lived in tried to murder me. This novella is based on true events. Rating: HIGH controversy.

Visit this title’s page on Smashwords.

A teaser for this novella:

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live in a haunted house? A house that doesn’t want you there, and that will do anything it can to force you out? A house that will plague you with bloody and gruesome nightmares, or bite you with a thousand, tiny little mouths, or send all manner of cruel specters to torment and harass you?

I’ve been in one, for a span of nearly one full month, and let me tell you, it is not an experience I ever want to go through again. This novella may be a fictionalized version, but I want to be clear that these events really happened to me, and exactly as they appear in the story.

Will you take a chance, dear reader, and step through the threshold with me? Will you stand at my side in the unexpected chill of my cozy living room, and listen as I relive some of the most harrowing events of my life?

Don’t let the silence fool you. The house is watching us, and has been for the last few minutes. Even now, it is devising a plan to terrify us into a panic, to make us question our own reality, and finally, to devour our very souls.

Read 20% of this novella free on Smashwords!

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