Cyberpunk Challenge: I Dream Cyberpunk

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I Dream Cyberpunk

(This story idea started off as a lucid dream.)

May 30, 2021, 7:15 AM – This was a multi-faceted dream involving at least four primary characters. The most important of these was a sort of policeman or marshal who did not work in a specific precinct, but operated over an entire district or region. I don’t remember his personal details, but in appearance he was tall, with a short, light brown beard. He wore a shiny, gray-white suit with a red and blue patch on the left shoulder. The marshal didn’t appear much in the dream, but it was clear the other characters revolved around him.

The starting scene was a social party at his house. The house had a lot of clear windows for walls, showing crisp green forest and fodder on the ground one on side. The air outside was gray and cool, possibly foggy. Inside, the marshal’s wife entertained several guests, but I didn’t hear any conversations at first and did not know why the people were there. The marshal should have been there, but he was late. His wife spoke with several people, mostly attractive men, and a few women.

The wife was blonde with hair that waved out at the shoulders, 80s style. Her eyes were clear, soft green. Her figure was curvy with her breasts fully covered, but noticeable. Think of the wide face and smile of Farrah Fawcett, but a little cheekier. She wore a yellow blouse and smiled a lot.

After watching the scene for some time, I gathered that the wife was looking for two sex partners, one for herself and one for her husband. It was unclear if this would be for a future threesome, or if they would have their affairs separately. The wife had run a compatibility program and come up with about eight people who matched her or her husband’s profiles. I’m guessing the people were five men and three women. The wife invited these people over through hologram projection as a way for her and her husband to mingle with their matches and winnow down their choices. While the invitations were specific, if anyone else had the access link to the holo-event, they could also stop by to chat. A couple of the wife’s friends were there to keep the event going / lively, while the wife did the rounds and asked questions to the potential suitors.

One of the women stood out in the dream. She was Negro, dark-skinned, busty and thick around the waist and hips. The reason she stuck out was because she sat in a chair and looked too shy to speak to anyone. The woman wore a light chocolate or tan blouse and kept her hands clasped between her knees when she hunched forward. Her face showed worry, or the sense of being out of place in the crowd. The wife went to introduce herself and assumed the black woman was there because of the compatibility program, a potential match for her husband.

I seemed to be moving around through the crowd, sometimes near the wife’s shoulder, but other times I would listen to conversations other people were having. I can’t remember any of the specific talks, but everyone was happy, joking and casual. As the dream progressed, I began sensing that the black woman wasn’t there for dating anyone. She had probably gotten the link to the event from another marshal. The reason she was there was because she had a problem at home that the marshal might help her with. Maybe the marshal was recommended because he sometimes worked in her part of town. I think the black woman’s husband or boyfriend was missing, and she was there to ask the marshal if he would help find the man.

Scene Two

An old, ratty car is driving along a dark street. Two men are in it. The driver is mostly listening to the passenger, who has just gotten out of jail. For whatever reason, my dream has visualized the ex-prisoner as being naked. The driver pulls over and goes to the back hatch of the car, where he has a bunch of junk and trash and old clothing piled around. He finds a set of tight briefs that he holds up for a second and gives to the ex-prisoner, so the released man is naked for about half the ride. The driver wears a tan overcoat or jacket. The prisoner’s briefs are colored elephant gray and look like wrestling / Superman tights with no visible fly.

As they coast along, the day goes from late evening to night.

They drive to the back of a brick warehouse with two bays for trailer trucks. The pavement is black and shiny, reflecting blue and red lights and looking wet as if it just finished raining. The warehouse is some kind of homeless shelter, but nobody is outside at the time. The driver stays in the car while the ex-prisoner goes inside. When the prisoner exits, he is wearing a coffee brown jumpsuit, more stylish than what the driver has on. The driver is jealous because the suit looks so expensive.

The ex-prisoner laughs at him. “You want one? You have to go to jail first!”

The dream gives me the awareness that the marshal put that man in prison. Now that he’s out, the ex-prisoner wants revenge. They are going to watch the marshal’s house or hack into his computer network, and figure out some kind of open event is going on. Maybe they already know about that, because the ex-prisoner chose his fancy clothing specifically for that reason. The ex-prisoner doesn’t know what is happening at the marshal’s house, but he is going to project his holo-image there because he wants revenge.

Scene Three

People are still socializing at the marshal’s house, but it is getting late. Some people have already gone. A few new people have holo-showed up. Others are a little tipsy, including the marshal’s wife. The marshal finally arrives, but he can’t stay long. The moment he does show his holo-face, the black woman walks up to him. She barely starts speaking when he says yes to her. The marshal has sized her up, assuming she is there for a romantic time. He tells the woman to set up a date with his wife and walks off. After a few minutes, the marshal is gone.

The black woman is confused. She desperately needs to speak to the marshal, but the only way she can is by going on a romantic date with him. Will she go through with it?

At another corner of the house, the ex-prisoner appears in his fancy jumpsuit. Right away he is struck by how nice the house is, and how attractive all the people look. A woman comes by to chat with him, seeing his surprise. This is one of the wife’s chaperones. The wife herself comes by after a few minutes. The wife is nearly drunk by this time. She flirts, wiggles and dances in front of the ex-prisoner. The prisoner is struck by how beautiful the woman is.

“You’re in the running!” The wife flirts, holding a small drink glass.

The ex-prisoner doesn’t know who the woman is at first. Maybe the chaperone tells him, or he might see a picture of her with the marshal. That’s when he understands the attractive woman who flirted with him is the marshal’s wife. Does he go through with his plan? He might have access to the marshal’s house, or he might take his revenge by screwing the marshal’s wife. Or, alternatively, the ex-prisoner might have a change of heart.

The dream ended and I woke up at around seven, when I had all these questions about what happens next with the black woman and the ex-prisoner.


What happens next? Now that I’m awake, my mind wants to go in ten different directions. I already have some ideas on what sort of story this might turn into. Before you read the rest of this entry, why don’t you take a moment and visualize the next scene, or how the story will unfold if you were writing it. Jot down notes if you have to!


My strongest initial ideas.

1. Everyone in the dream, with the single exception of the black woman, was light-skinned white with blonde or brown hair. The age ranges were from thirty to forty. My waking mind wants to multi-culturalize things so the crowd at the marshal’s house is slightly more mixed. The house itself looks like the house of Detective Bosch from the Bosch Amazon series. I saw the elevated nighttime cityscape and everything!

2. The ex-prisoner and his driver want to be Hispanic now. Their gang might be called the Rascals, or the ex-prisoner could be Rascal. The prisoner is angry because he can’t hang out with his homies. If he does, it violates his probation and he gets thrown back in the joint. Getting caught in the marshal’s house will be even worse, but that woman, she was so hot! He has to see her again, even if it means risking everything!

3. I can take this in a hero / sidekick direction, with the marshal as a Green Hornet-type figure, and the ex-prisoner as his Kato.

4. I can already see the marshal walking into his bedroom late one night, shocked to find the ex-prisoner asleep on his bed, next to his wife.

5. The story has erotic leanings to it, so I could take it that way, too.

6. Both the marshal and the ex-prisoner are familiar with the black woman’s neighborhood. This could be their first investigation / adventure together.

I’m putting this dream / story idea in my Cyberpunk Challenge. That makes it Creative Commons, so have at it!

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