Cyberpunk Challenge: Augmented Reality RPG Adventure Builder

I found this sweet cyberpunk world-building resource on Drive Thru RPG. Since it fits so well with my Write This! story prompt guide, I thought, why not get in touch with the guy who wrote the book and ask him if I could write some fiction inspired by it? Guess what? Author Geist said Yes!

I’m getting my notes together, including the Write This! and Augmented Reality books, and my plan is to start a new writing project on June 1st. This will be completely different than the Detective Varriano story arc I’ve been working on. More details on that when I officially start the project.

In the meantime, you might want to pick up a copy of Augmented Reality for your self. You can get a Pay What You Want PDF version through Drive Thru RPG, by following the link below.

Buy Augmented Reality in PDF:…

Buy it in Print:…

Style And Substance: Enhance your games of the dark future, with the easy to use Augmented Reality cyberpunk city kit. Inside, you’ll find over 50 tables designed to assist gamesmasters who need to improvise futuristic city details, or who have found that they are unprepared for where their players are heading.

With this book, you can add layers of detail to any cyberpunk cityscape, and make use of over 250 NPCs, including fixers, street samurai, corporate players and insane hackers, along with easy to roll cabbies, cops, gang members and street fighters. Missions, motivations and methods can be generated, along with the immediate urban environment, all painted with a broad brush, to enable gamesmasters to let their twisted imaginations shine through, without slowing down the action.

Your players may use the real world as a reference, but YOU can use these tables to bring them the bleeding-edge future. So, jack in now and augment your reality…

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