Cyberpunk Challenge – Cyberpunk Cities In Real Life

More new fiction inspired by the original Write This! article will be posted soon. As a reminder, the Cyberpunk Challenge is still open to submissions. Maybe you’re having some trouble visualizing what a cyberpunk city might look like, you know, for your characters to live in and do the their thing, and you want to create a backdrop that’s not Blade Runner / Cyberpunk 2077 / Neo-Tokyo. To that end, here is a video link I found featuring real life, modern cities that are definitely heading into a cyberpunk future.

Title: Cyberpunk cities in real life – Cyberpunk Cityscape

Video producer: Cities, Tech & Maps

Description: The most cyberpunk cities in real life. This is a list of the Cyberpunk cityscapes of the world, that have inpired masterpieces such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Cyberpunk 2077, and many others. Some of them are actually Chinese cities, but there are some other countries as well.

Messy and alienating for some, inspiring and full of adventures for others. Cyberpunk cities we all have seen in movies and pop culture are still a thing of the far future. However, there are some real-life cities that are getting really close to said future and some others have even served as an inspiration to what we see on screen. In this video, we will explore the most relevant real-life cities for the genre. Although they will not be presented in a specific order, as we move forward, we will see more cyberpunk aesthetics.

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